Softcut Professional Services offers a great range of high quality Technical support & consulting services.image

  • Understanding operational needs in any environment.
  • Defining requirements through analysis.
  • Designing and implementing software that works for a life time.
  • Testing to ensure that software meets operational and performance goals.
  • Deploying and integrating into the customer environment.


Our Services

  • GIS Consulting Services.
  • Solutions & Software consulting Service.
  • Software Development.
  • Offshore Development.
  • Systems Integration.
  • Data Migration & Management.
  • Training & Customer support.

Software Development

SoftCut’s development team is a group of highly qualified programmers and developers who can build any piece of software you may request up to the level of the technology limitation. SoftCut understands that you would already have software applications on your IT environment for fulfilling all your business needs.
These applications can’t be isolated islands, therefore Systems Integrations are offered to connect all your applications.
Our own line of Products are business focused that Serves a great range of customers.


Data Management

Data is an asset of your company and none would lose an asset. SoftCut understand the value of this asset and develop solutions and software applications to help manage and analyze your data faster and more efficient. With our Microsoft SQL and ORACLE experts your data is in good hands.

GIS & Spatial Serviecs

Below our capabilities using Different Technologies and Stanards we delivered many services in spatial data managment, analysis, Mapping, Publishing … etc.

  • Design Vendor independent Spatial Solutions that comply with OGC Standard.Systems Can Be designed in a way which make our customers free to choose any software vendor to go with based on the chosen Technology as long as this software vendor comply with the OGC Standard.
  • Use Bentley Systems Technology to Build a Mapping Solution (Create/Manage/Publish) SoftCut is a BDN (Bentley Developer Network) Member and Technology Partner which proof that we fully understand Bentley Technology and able to Integrate Third-party systems with it.
  • We have built Solutions that manage the complete lifecycle and workflow of the Spatial solution from Data Capture, Maps Creation and Publishing to Redline Archiving and consolidation on maps.e.g. Urban Planning, Parcel Management, Survey and Land Registration workflows.
  • Converting simple CAD Geometry to a GIS Feature that Link the Geometry to the metadata and define the spatial Schema Criteria and symbology.Oracle Spatial Schema and Bentley XFM Schema are great tools to ease this Job.
  • using different data sources (CAD Files, Raster Images, Database Records …etc.) to web portal which Enables Users to Query, Identify and Review attributes, Export Information, Redline and post comments, Plot Maps, Thematic, Re-symbolization and Buffering …etc.