Rejecting NDE Report

  • Log in to the system.
  • From the Upper bar in Home Page, Click on “Workflow” Link1  which will open a form containing a summarized Workflow of the system.1Click on the “Other Report” icon.
  •  You will be redirected to “Other Report” window which contains Report type and Report No dropdown lists along with “add”, “Delete”, “Print”, “Add Joint” and “Return” buttons.
  • Selecting a NDE Report Type from “Report type” dropdown list, “Report No” drop down list will be filled with all Reports within that Type.
  • Select NDE Report, all selected NDE report’s Joints are displayed within a grid view each with icons “View Details”2, “Accept”8, “Reject”10 .
  • Clicking “Reject”10a panel of “Reason of rejection” will be displayed.
  • Clicking “Reject”10the selected joint’s status will change from “NDE” to “open” and the selected joint will enter the cycle from the beginning.3
  • You can enter the “Rejection Reason”.
  • Clicking “Save” button the selected joint will be rejected.
  • Clicking “Cancel” button the action will cancel.
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