Other NDT Tests

  • NDE Reports Types are not static within the system as you can add any Report Type and Delete any unused NDE Report Type.
  • Adding and deleting NDE Report Types can be done via Data Definition screen which is explained later in details.Addin

Adding NDE Report

  • To add Other NDE Report within the system you must have at least one joint accepted within any “VT” report and Ready for that NDE Report Type.
  • You can display “Add Other NDE Report”  Window via:
  • “Inspection Report” Link4  within Quick Links.
  • “Other Report” Button within “Joints” Main Window. In This Case, all displayed Joints will be related to the selected Line/Tank and Sheet within “Joints” Main Window.3
  • Log in to the system.
  • From the Upper bar in Home Page, Click on “Inspection Report” 4
  • Link within Quick Links.
  • Window “Inspection Report” is displayed.
  • Or, From “Custom Report”button within “Joint”s main window in this case all displayed joint will be related to the selected Line/Tank and sheet within “Joint” main window.
  • Click on “Custom Report”.
  •  You will be redirected to “Reports” window with a “Report type”   drop down list that allow you to select any type of report.
  • Selecting a NDE Report Type from the dropdown list, a grid view filled with all Joints ready to be added to the selected NDE Report Type and a filter control to filter or search within the grid view will be displayed.
  • Enter all data related to the new NDE report and select the joint(S) that will enter this report.5
  • Clicking “Save” button a new NDE report is added to the system and you are redirected to the NDE Reports main window.
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