Accepting RT Report

  • Log in to the system.
  • From the Upper bar in Home Page, Click on “Workflow” Link1  which will open a form containing a summarized Workflow of the system.3
  • Click on the “RT” button.
  • You will be redirected to “RT Report” window which contains a textbox to display all/any RT Report within the system along with “add”, “Delete”, “Print”, “Add Joint” and “Return” buttons.
  •  “Auto Complete” Functionality is used to Select RT Report.
  •  Select a RT Report.
  •  All Joints within the selected RT Report are displayed within a grid view each with icons “View Details”2, “Accept”8 , “Reject”10, “Reshoot”2and “Penalty”3 .
  • “Penalty”3 icon is disabled unless Joint was rejected within the selected RT Report.1
  • Clicking “View Details”2 icon, a window is opened where selected Joint’s detailed data is displayed along with joint’s welders and a grid view filled with operation made on the joint.
  • Clicking “Accept” icon8 , an “Acceptance Date” panel will be displayed to inform user with the acceptance date.2
  • Clicking the button “Save” within the above mentioned panel, there are 2 options:

1-      That the Joint was not rejected before within any other RT Report

  • In this case, the Joint is accepted and its status is “Closed”.

2-      That the Joint was rejected before within a RT Report. In this case, the system checks for the          Welder’s Penalty.
3-      If Welder’s Penalty was entered when the Joint was rejected, the Joint is accepted and its status is “Closed”.
4-      If Welder’s Penalty was not entered when the Joint was rejected, the Joint is not accepted and its status is “Hold”. Until Welder’s Penalty is entered within the RT Report in Which the Joint was originally rejected.

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