Selecting NDE Joints

  • Log in to the system.
  • From the Upper bar in Home Page, Click on “Workflow” Link 1 which will open a form containing a summarized Workflow of the system.
  • OR from Quick links.
  • Click on “Select NDE Joints” button.
  • A screen will be displayed with 2 tabs; “Lines/Tanks NDE %%” and “Line/Tank Details”.
  • Within “Lines/Tanks NDE %%” tab, all joints within NDE are displayed in a grid view.
  • You can filter the displayed data using “Filter Control” present within the screen.
  • To display Joints with no Selected NDE, You can filter displayed data using “NULL” as selected value. You can use the filter control to get the lines which do not have NDE % value using “NULL” as selected value.3
  • Within the above mentioned grid, there is “Edit”3icon that allows you to edit in selected Joint’s NDE Reports.
  • Clicking on “Edit” icon, Tab “Line/Tank Details” will be displayed for you with Selected Joint’s Line/Tank and Pipe class along with all Joints within.4
  • If a joint was entered a certain report/test, the column will be disabled for this joint.
  • You will find boxes to enter the percentage for each report type within the system.
  •  You should notice that Report types are dynamic within the system  so you can adding new report types or deleting  any existing “other NDE report”
  • So deleting any report type from the system means that this report type will not be displayed within “Select NDE” boxes.
  • From the table of joints displayed you can choose which tests will be needed for each joint you want.
  • After deciding the tests click on the “Save” button to Save your changes.
  • You can use Filter control to search for a certain joint via any of Joint’s properties. You can also filter according to a number of criteria.
  • Pressing on “Disable percentage validation” button will skip all percentages that you selected and give you the ability to select joint without compliance by certain percentages.
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