Export WPS

  • Exporting WPS helps you export WPS from the system in to an excel sheet
  • Click “Import/Export” link3 within Quick Links, an “Import/Export” window displayed with two tabs “Import” and “Export” and tab “Import” activated.
  • You have the option to export Joints or Welders.
  • Selecting “WPS” from Table drop down list.
  • All Columns related to WPS are displayed within Right panel.
  • Select the columns/Properties you want to export to the excel sheet using drag and drop functionality.
  • All Selected columns/Properties are displayed in the Left panel and you have the ability to reorder them.
  • This helps you format the excel sheet by Selecting columns/Properties and their orders.
  • Clicking “Export To Excel File”, an excel file is generated and you have the option to display it or save it in any place you select.3
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