Import/Export Functionality

Importing Data

Import Joints

  • Importing Joint helps you to insert new Joints to the system whether you are going to insert them to an already existing Line/Tank or going to insert a new Line/Tank and insert joints to it.
  • It also gives you the ability to Weld the Joint and to insert in Select NDE.
  • Click “Import/Export” link 3within Quick Links, an “Import/Export” window displayed with two tabs “Import” and “Export” and tab “Import” activated.
  • You have the ability to import Joints, Welders and/or Basic data within Definition.
  • You can select any excel sheet with any column to import new joints to the system with no validation on the excel template or column.
  • However, for validating the required data a Joint needed to be saved within the system, you have to map the column within your selected excel sheet and the required columns.4
  • Browse within your files for the excel file containing the Joints data.
  • Select “Joints” from “Table” drop down list and then map the columns/Properties you need to import within Joints
  • Click “Import To System” button, the data is saved in the system and a message informing the user with the number of Rows that was not saved successfully and the reason why.
  • Choosing any file that is not an excel file; a warning message “File Uploaded must be excel” will be displayed.
  • Choosing a huge excel file; a warning message “File size should not be greater than 10 MB” will be displayed.
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