Welder WPS List

  • After Logging on to the system, click on the “Welders” Link3  from the Quick Links Menu.
  • A “Welders” window will be opened where all the Welders within the system will be displayed with a filter control to help you search for a certain Welder and “Add” button.
  • Welders’ grid view is displayed within multi tab control including 3 tabs: “All”, “Active” and “Non-Active”.
  • For each welder  displayed within the above mentioned grid view there are icons: “View Welder Profile”7 , ”WPS”1 , Freeze 2/ Unfreeze3 , “Production Joint”6 , “View Details”2 , “Delete”4  and “Edit”33
  • Clicking ”WPS”1  icon, you will be redirected to a window with Welder summary details and the WPS he is qualified for along with an “Add” button  to add a new WPS to the Welder’s Qualified WPS, and a “Return” button to return you to the  Welders Main Screen.4
  • Clicking “Renew” icon within Welder WPS grid view, the WPS expired date is renewed for another 6 months.
  • Clicking “Edit”3 icon  within Welder WPS grid view, you are redirected to a window where you can update within Welder WPS data.
  • Clicking “Delete”4  icon within Welder WPS grid view, Welder’s WPS is deleted.
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