Update joint Fitup Date

  • After Logging on to the system, click on the “Joints”1 Link from the Quick Links Menu.
  • A “Joints” window will be opened where you will choose Line/Tank and Sheet No to which the Joint will be added.
  • Joints displayed within the grid view are filtered according to selected Line/Tank, Sheet and Spool.
  • The Joints grid view is displayed within a multi tab control including tabs that displayed data related to selected joint such as; VT/RT/MT/UT/PT /Other Report Reports, Welders and Joint Extension.6

Also displayed above Joints grid view Links: “Fitup Date”, “Weld”, “Add
VT”, “Add RT”, “Add MT”, “Add UT” “Add PT” and “Add other report.6Clicking “Fitup Date” button, a new “Joint Fitup Date” window is displayed with all Joints within Status “Open” where you can modify within the selected Joints Fitup Date.7

Importing JointsImporting Joint helps you to insert new Joints to the system whether you are going to insert them to an already existing Line/Tank or going to insert a new Line/Tank and insert joints to it.

It also gives you the ability to Weld the Joint and to insert in Select NDE.
You display Import Joints window Using “Import from Excel”1 link within Quick Links.Within “Import/Export” window, you will find two tabs “Import” and                                         “Export” with tab “Import” activated.
You have the ability to import Joints , Welders and/or Basic data within Definition such as “Area”, “Sub Area”, “joint Category”, “joint Type”, “Contractors”, “Location”, “Welder Process”, Piping Class”, “Materials”,” Service” and “Document Type”.
You can select any excel sheet with any column to import new joints to the system with no validation on the excel template or column.

  • However, for validating the required data a Joint needed to be saved within the system, you have to map the column within your selected      excel sheet and the required columns.2
  • Browse within your files for the excel file containing the Joints data.
  • Select “Joints” from “Table” drop down list and then map the columns/Properties you need to import within Joints
  • Click “Import To System” button.
  • The data will be saved in the system and a message informing the user with the number of Rows that was not saved successfully and the reason why.
  • Choosing any file that is not an excel file; a warning message “File Uploaded must be excel” will be displayed.

Choosing a huge excel file; a warning message “File size should not be greater than 10 MB” will

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