Editing Joint Details

  • After Logging on to the system, click on the “Joints”1 Link from the Quick Links Menu.
  • A “Joints” window will be opened where you will choose Line/Tank and Sheet No to which the Joint will be added.
  • “Auto Complete” functionality is added to help you enter the Line/Tank No.
  • Selecting a Line/Tank; all its data is displayed such as Sheets, Spools, Drawing No, Pipe Class and Main Size.
  • Sheets and Spools are displayed within drop down lists. Spool dropdown list is filtered by selected Sheet No.
  • Joints are displayed within a grid view once a Line/Tank is selected.
  • Joints displayed within the grid view are filtered according to selected Sheet and Spool.
  • You can select a spool to add the Joint to it or add the joint directly to a sheet.
  • Choose a certain Spool within this Sheet. The grid view will display only the Joints within this selected Spool and a button “Add”.
  • The Joints grid view is displayed within a multi tab control including tabs that displayed data related to selected joint such as; VT/RT/MT/UT/PT /Other Report Reports, Welders and Joint Extension.
  • In order to display any data within these tabs, you have to first select a joint using icon1 within Joints grid view.6
  • Also displayed above Joints grid view Links: “Weld”, “Add VT”, “Add RT”, “Add MT”, “Add UT” “Add PT” and “Add other report”.
  • Clicking on any link will redirect you to the required window.
  • For each Joint displayed within the above mentioned Joints grid view there are icons: “View Joints Details”1 , “View Details” 2, “Delete”4 and “Edit”3
  • Clicking “Edit” icon, a window “Edit Joint” will be opened with the selected Area, Line/Tank, Sheet, Spool No displayed along with all selected Joint’s data.
  • You can edit in Joints details: Joint No, Joint Type, Joint Category, Thick, and WPS.
  • Clicking on “Reset” button, all the entered data will be cleared.
  • Clicking on “Return” button, you will be return to the “Joints” Main Screen and the Joint’s new data will not be added.
  • Clicking on “Save” button, the Main Screen “Joints” will be reopened and the Joint’s new data will be displayed foryou
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