Adding and Modifying Lines/Tanks

  • Lines/Tanks are Part of Projects/Areas; so first you should identify the Project/Area for This Line/Tank, and then you should add the Line/Tank Details as Per the ISO Drawing.
  • Same line /Tank cannot be added twice to the same Project/Area.
  • Line/Tank No can be repeated within the system but not within the same Project/Area.
  • Each Line/Tank should have at least one sheet attached to it. A sheet is unique per each Line

    Adding New Line/Tank

  • After Logging on to the system, click on the “Area / Project” Link13  from the Quick Links Menu.
  • An “Area / Project” window will be opened, with all the Projects (Areas) within the system displayed within a grid view.
  • For each Area there is a “Select” icon 2which displays all Lines within this Project (Area).
  • Click on the “Select” icon.
  • A grid view containing all Lines/Tanks within the selected Project (Area) is displayed with “Add” button just above it.6
  • Within the grid view, there is the ability to search for any Line/Tank using the “Auto Complete” functionality added. Start writing your input and the list will be automatically filtered.
  • For each Line/Tank within the grid view there is a “Select”2 icon  , “Activity”1 icon  ,”Edit”3 icon and “Delete”4 icon .
  • Clicking on the Select 2icon  will display all Sheets within selected Line.
  • Clicking Edit icon 3, a window is displayed to edit selected Line’s data.
  • Clicking Delete icon4 , selected Line will be deleted if there are no Sheets and Joints within it.
  • Click Activity icon1, you are redirected to a new window Where you can associate an Activity to the Selected Line/Tank.
  • To Add new Line/Tank, Click on the “Add” button 1.
  • An “Edit Line/Tank” window will be opened giving you the ability to enter new line’s data; ” Line/Tank No.”, “Drawing No”, “Service”, “Main Size”, “Pipe Class”, “System” and “Revision”
  • Sub Area, Service and Pipe Class are displayed within a dropdown Lists each.
  • “Sub Area” drop down list is filled according to the Selected Area. For some Areas, there is no Sub Area added and thus, the Sub Area drop down list will be empty.
  • Drawing No will be automatically entered with a certain format that is dynamically set via “Setting” Window.
  • There is also “Adding Sheets to Line” panel displayed to add a sheet for the new Line.7
  • Enter Line details; “Line No.”, “Main Size”, and “Tag No”.
  • Select “Sub Area”, “Service” and “Pipe Class”.
  • Decide whether it is Alloy or not and the Test Types needed.
  • Add at least one sheet to the new line.
  • Enter Sheet No and Revision, and then browse for the Sheet file.
  • Clicking “Add Sheet” button within the panel, a new sheet is added to the new line.
  • Sheet No is a must.
  • You can add any number of sheets to the new line.
  • If you entered the same Sheet No and Clicked the “Add sheet” button in the panel, a message “Sheet No cannot be repeated in the same Line NO” will be displayed.
  • After adding sheet, you have the ability to add spool to it, Edit or delete it.8
  • Click “Save” button in “Edit Line/Tank” window.
  • The Main Screen “Project/Area” will be reopened with the new Line added to the system.
  • Clicking on “Save” button without adding sheet to the Line/Tank, a message “Add at least one sheet to Line/Tank” will be displayed.
  • Clicking on “Return” button, the Main Screen “Project/Area” will be reopened and the new Line will not be added.
  • Clicking on “Joints” button, you will be redirected to “Add New Joint” window where you will be able to add a new Joint to the newly created Line directly.
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