Adding Alert Group

  • An Alert Group is related to a certain Project (Area).
  • Thus, when adding any new Alert Group you have to select its associated Project (Area).
  • You can add a n

    From Project (Area) Window

  • After Logging in to the system, click on the “Area / Project” Link 13 from the Quick Links Menu.
  • An “Area / Project” window will be opened, with all the Projects (Areas) within the system displayed with an “Add” button.
  • All Projects (Areas) are displayed within a grid view with their details along with a list with all Sub Areas within each Project (Area).
  • There is also a Search/Filtering textbox within the grid header to help you filter the displayed list.
  • Within the grid view containing all the Projects (Areas) within the system icons: Select2 , Activity1 , Edit3 and Delete4 .1
  • Click Activity1 icon, you are redirected to a new window Where you can associate Activity, WPS or Alert Group to the Selected Project (Area).
  • Click “Alert Group” tab, a grid is displayed with all associated Alert Groups, giving you the ability to Edit3 , Delete4 or add users2 to any Alert Group from within the grid.
  • 3
  • From Data Definition Window
  • After Logging on to the system, click on the “Definition” Link4  from the Quick Links Menu.
  • A window “Data Definition” will be displayed with many tabs each of them refers to a static data within the system such as; “Project (Area)”, “Sub Area”, “joint Category”, “joint Type”, “Contractors”, “Location”, “Welder Process”, Piping Class”, “Materials”,” Service” and “Document Type”.
  • By clicking on each tab, Data related will be displayed in a grid view giving you the ability to “Delete” 6 or “Edit”3  it. There is also an “Add” button to add new data.
  • Clicking on “Alert Group”  tab a panel with Projects (Areas) drop list is displayed.5
  • Select Project (Area), all Alert Groups within selected  Project (Area) are displayed
  • Pressing on “Add” button a panel is displayed to add a new Alert Group within the selected Project (Area).
  • Enter Sub Area/Skid name and then click “Save” button to save the new Alert Group is added in relation to Selected Project (Area).
  • Thus, When Display Project (Area) List within the Project (Area) window the Alert Group is displayed within the grid view displaying Project (Area) associated Alert Groups
  • Pressing on “Delete” icon6   a message is displayed with 2 options “Ok”or “Cancel”.
  • Pressing “ok” the selected sub area will be deleted.
  • Pressing “Cancel” button the action will cancel.
  • If there is data within any area in the system a message display “You cannot deleted  this record because it exceeded the minimum to this type”
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