Associate WPS to Project (Area)

  • You will be able to add, edit or delete any WPS within the system from “WPS” Window.
  • Then, you can associate any WPS to a certain Project (Area) via “Project (Area)” Window.
  • After Logging in to the system, click on the “Area / Project” Link13  from the Quick Links Menu.
  • An “Area / Project” window will be opened, with all the Projects (Areas) within the system displayed with an “Add” button.
  • All Projects (Areas) are displayed within a grid view with their details along with a list with all Sub Areas within each Project (Area).
  • Within the grid view containing all the Projects (Areas) within the system icons: Select2 , Activity 1, Edit 3and Delete44 .
  • Click Activity icon1, you are redirected to a new window Where you can associate Activity, WPS or Alert Group to the Selected Project (Area).
  • Select “WPS” tab, all WPS within the system are displayed within checkbox list and all associated WPS are already selected for you.5
  • Select the WPS you want to associate to the selected Project (Area) and then, click “Save” button
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