Data Entry Section

Data Entry Section

Adding and Modifying Project (Area)

Adding New Project (Area)

  • After Logging in to the system, click on the “Area / Project” Link 13 from the Quick Links Menu.
  • A “Area / Project” window will be opened, with all the Projects (Areas) within the system displayed with an “Add” button.
  • All Projects (Areas) are displayed within a grid view with their details along with a list with all Sub Areas within each Project (Area).
  • There is also a Search/Filtering textbox within the grid header to help you filter the displayed list.
  • Within the grid view containing all the Projects (Areas) within the system icons: Select2 , Activity1 , Edit3 and Delete4 .10
  • Clicking on the Select icon will display all Lines/Tanks within selected Project (Area).
  • Clicking Edit icon, a window is displayed to edit selected Project (Area) data.
  • Clicking Delete icon, selected Project (Area) will be deleted if there are no Lines/Tanks within it.
  • Clicking Activity icon1, a new window is displayed with selected Project (Area) related WPS, Activities and Alert Groups with the ability to edit within their information.
  • To add a new Project (Area), Click on the “Add ” button1 .

A new window “Area / Project” is opened with the ability to add new Project (Area) with all its related data; Project (Area) Code, Client Name, Contractor Name and Description15

  • Enter Area Related Data.
  • Clicking on “Save” button, a new Project (Area) is created and added to the system.
  • Then “Project (Area)” main Screen is reopened with the new Project (Area) added to the displayed grid.
  • Clicking on “Return” button, the “Project (Area)” main Screen is reopened and the new Project (Area) is not added and thus, the displayed Grid is not affected with any entered data.
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