Joints Search

  • You can search for any Joint by entering Joint No only or by entering Joint No and Sheet No only or by Joint No and Sheet No and entering Drawing No as well.
  • You can write the whole Joint No / Sheet No / Drawing No or part from them.
  • Click on “Search” icon 1or you can click the enter button, “Search Result” window is opened with Joints matching your input data displayed within a grid view.
  • For each Joint displayed within the above mentioned Joints grid view there are icons: “View Joints Details”1, “View Details”2, “Delete”4and “Edit3
  • The Joint’s grid view is displayed within a multi tab control including tabs that displayed data related to selected joint such as; VT/RT/MT/UT/PT/Other report  Reports, Welders and Joint Extension.3
  • Clicking “View Details” 2icon will display a report with the Joint’s detailed information such as Line, Sheet NO, Spool, DIAM, Thickness, Length, and Drawing No …etc.
  • Also displayed within the report all Joint’s welders and all the operations done on it.
  • Clicking icon “Edi3t” within the grid view, you are redirected to “Edit joint” window where you can edit the selected joint’s data.
  • Clicking icon “Delete4”  will delete the entire Joint and its related Information from the system.
  • In order to display any data within the above mentioned tabs, you have to first select a joint using icon 1within Joints grid view.
  • Clicking icon “View Joints Details”1 , Joint is selected, tab “VT Report” is activated and selected Joint’s VT Reports are displayed within a grid view.4
  • Same is done within RT/MT/UT/PT /Other NDE Reports Tabs.
  • After clicking on “View Joints Details”1icon, it is changed to5  in order to distinguish the selected Joint.
  • Clicking tab “Joint Extension”, will display Penalties related to the selected Joint.
  • Clicking tab “Welders”, will display Joint’s Welders within a grid view.6
  • Within Welders a grid view, there is “Production Joint” icon that display welder’s Production joint detailed report.
  • Reports Search

  • Write any Report No you want to search for within “Report No” text box.
  • You can write the whole Report No or part from it.
  • Click “Search” icon or you can click the enter button directly, “Search Result” window is opened with data matching your input displayed within a grid view.
  • For each Report within the grid view there is a “Select”2  icon. 7
  • Clicking “Select”2  icon, you are redirected to Report main window where the selected report is displayed with all its data and its joints displayed within a grid view.
  • User can found any report created within the system such as (VT,RT,PT,UT,MT,FN,HT,PWHT,PWII) by write the name of the report inside  the search panel
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