Sheets Search

  • You can search for any Sheet by entering Sheet No only or by entering Drawing No as well.
  • Write Sheet No you want to search for within “Sheet No” text box.
  • Write Drawing No you want to search within “Drawing No” text box.
  • You can write the whole Sheet No / Drawing No or part from it.
  • Click “Search” icon 1 or you can click the enter button directly.
  • “Search Result” window is opened with Sheets matching your input displayed within a gridview.
  • For each Sheet within the grid view there is a “Select” icon2 ,”Edit” icon 3and “Delete” icon46
  • Clicking on the Select  icon2 will redirect you to “Joints” main window with all Joints within selected Line displayed.
  • Clicking Edit  icon3, a window is displayed to edit selected Sheet’s data.
  • Clicking Delete  icon4, selected Sheet will be deleted if there are no Joints within it.
  • For each sheet there are Spools. A Spool Code is unique for each sheet; Sheet cannot contain two spools with the same Spool Code.
  • Thus, within the grid that display the selected Line’s Sheets, and for each sheet there is another grid with the spools of this Sheet.
  • You also have the ability to delete sheet’s spool if spool does not have any joints within it.
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