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  • Welding Manager provides you with the ability to search for any kind of data within the system in a simple, efficient and fast way via Search Control.
  • The Search Control is visible to you all the time which allows you to search any time you want with no restrictions.
  • You have the ability to search for data such as; “Lines”, “Sheets”, “joints” and any Report whether it is VT, RT and other NDE report (PT,UT,MT,HT,FN,PMII,PWHT)
  • You can search using multi criteria input.
  • You also can start a partial searching process by entering only a part of the input criteria.1
  • After logging on to the system the dashboard screen is displayed.
  • Within the window footer, there is a search control that allows you to search for any kind of data within the system.
  • Navigating to any window within the screen, the Search Control is always visible to you.
  • Line/Tank Search
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  • You can search for a certain Line/Tank via Line/Tank No and/or via Tag No and/or Drawing No
  • Write any Line/Tank No and/or Tag No and/or Drawing No you want to use while searching within “Line/Tank No “ and “Tag No” and “Drawing No” text boxes respectively.
  • You can write the whole Tag No and/or Drawing No or part from them.
  • Click “Search” icon 2 or you can click enter button directly.
  • “Search Result” window is opened with data matching your input displayed within a grid view.
  • For each Line within the grid view there is an “Edit” icon3 and “Delete” icon4 .
  • Within the grid view, there is the ability to filter the Lines displayed with the grid view via text 5
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