Freeze Joints

This window gives you the ability to freeze any joint within the system. In other words; to exclude this joint from the working joints within the system.

  • After Logging on to the system, click on the “Project/Area” Link1 from the Quick Links Menu.
  • A “Line/Tanks” window will be opened, with all the Areas within the system displayed within a grid view.
  • For each Area there is a “Select” 2icon which displays all Line/Tanks within this Area.
  • Clicking on the “Select” icon, a grid view containing all Line/Tanks within the selected Area is displayed with “Add Line/Tank” button just above it.

For each Line/Tank within the grid view there are icons; “Select” 2,”Edit”3and “Delete”6 2

  • Clicking on “Edit”3icon, a window “Edit Line/Tank” is opened with all selected Line/Tank information displayed and a link “freeze Joint”3 .
  • If selected Line/Tank does not have any Joints within, the link “freeze Joint” will not be displayed.
  • Clicking on “freeze Joint” Link, window “Edit Line/Tank” is opened with all Joints within this Line/Tank displayed in a grid view, along with a “Return” button. For each joint within the grid view, there is “View Details” 2icon and “Freeze” link.4
  • Clicking “View Details”2icon, a window is opened where selected joint’s detailed report is displayed with the joint’s basic information, detailed history and Welders.
  • Clicking “Delete” 6 icon, selected joint is deleted from Test Package assigned list.
  • Clicking “Return” button, the window “Edit Line/Tank” is displayed once again.
  • Clicking “Freeze” button within the grid view, a panel will be displayed to enter reason.5
  • Clicking “Save” button, the Joint is frozen; its name will be changed into [Joint No] + “-Froze” and “Edit Line/Tank” main window is displayed once again.
  • Clicking “Cancel” button, the “Edit Line/Tank” main window is displayed once again.
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