Correct Rejected Joints Details

  • Login on to the system, click on the “Data Cleaning” Link1from the Quick Links Menu.
  • A “Data Cleaning ” window will be opened with a menu displayed within the Left panel of the window.
  • The displayed menu is divided into 3 categories:
  • Data Entry containing items:  “Line/Tanks”, “sheets”, “joints”, “Welders”, “Alloy Line/Tanks” and “Delete Line/Tanks/joints”.
  • NDE Reports containing items: “VT”, “RT”, “MT”, “PT”, “UT” and “Other Report”
  • RT Rejection containing items: “Edit RT Rejected” and “Edit Rejection Welders”.
  • Clicking “Edit Rejection Welders” Menu Item within Data Cleaning menu1, you will have the ability to search for any joint that was rejected with RT Report, and adding New Welder with its Rejection details including Defect Length, Defect Type and Penalties.
  • You can search for a joint using joint number (Partial Search) 2
  • Enter a Joint Number
  • Clicking on “Submit” button, a grid view filled with Joints matching input text will be displayed. Each with “Reassign”3 icon.3
  • Clicking on “Reassign”3  icon within the above mentioned grid view, a “RT defect Data” panel will be displayed where you will be able to select new welder from a dropdown list containing all Welders who welded the selected Joint and enter all rejection data.
  • Within the Panel also displayed all Rejected Welders where you have the ability to delete any one of them. 4
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