Modifying RT Rejection

  • After Logging on to the system, click on the “Data Cleaning” Link1from the Quick Links Menu. A “Data Cleaning ” window will be opened with a menu displayed within the Left panel of the window.
  • The displayed menu is divided into 3 categories:
  • Data Entry containing items:  “Line/Tanks”, “sheets”, “joints”, “Welders”, “Alloy Line/Tanks” and “Delete Line/Tanks/joints”.
  • NDE Reports containing items: “VT”, “RT”, “MT”, “PT”, “UT” and “Other Report”
  • RT Rejection containing items: “Edit RT Rejected” and “Edit Rejection Welders”.
  • Clicking Item “Edit RT Rejected” within Data Cleaning menu1, all Rejected Joints within RT are displayed within a grid view. Each row with “Edit” icon.
  • Also displayed a filter Control to help you filter/search joints within grid view.2
  • Clicking on “Edit” 3icon within the above mentioned grid view, a new panel is displayed3
  • You will be able to edit within the Reject reason, defect Length, Penalty1 and Penalty 2.
  • Entering empty text or Letters within the defect Length will generate an error.
  • Clicking “Save”, data is updated in the database.
  • Clicking “Cancel”   the action will not save.
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