UT Reports

  • After Logging on to the system, click on the “Data Cleaning” Link1from the Quick Links Menu.
  • A “Data Cleaning ” window will be opened with a menu displayed within the Left panel of the window.
  • The displayed menu is divided into 3 categories:
  • Data Entry containing items:  “Line/Tanks”, “sheets”, “joints”, “Welders”, “Alloy Line/Tanks” and “Delete Line/Tanks/joints”.
  • NDE Reports containing items: “VT”, “RT”, “MT”, “PT”, “UT” and “Other report”
  • RT Rejection containing items: “Edit RT Rejected” and “Edit Rejection Welders”.
  • Clicking Item “UT Report” within Data Cleaning menu4, a dropdown list with all UT Reports within the system will be displayed.
  • Selecting a UT Report, a grid view with all Joints within this UT Report will be displayed.
  • Within the above mentioned grid view, there is icon:   “Reassign”  .1
  • Clicking on “Reassign”  icon, an “Assign New UT Report” panel is displayed to help you reassign another UT Report for the Joint or create a new UT report to reassign the joint to it.2
  • Select the New UT Report and then click “Save” button.
  • If you selected the same UT Report, a message “Kindly select another item” will be displayed.
  • Clicking “save” icon, Joint will be reassigned to the selected UT Report.
  • Clicking “Return” icon the action of reassigned will cancel.
  • Clicking “Reassign”5icon, if the selected joint is the last joint within the selected UT Report, a warning message, “This is the only joint within selected Report. By reassigning it UT Report is deleted” is displayed giving you the option to reassign the Joint or to cancel the whole operation.
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