Reassign Lines/Tanks

  • After Logging on to the system, click on the “Data Cleaning” Link1  from the Quick Links Menu.
  • A “Data Cleaning ” window will be opened with a menu displayed within the Left panel of the window.
  • The displayed menu is divided into 3 categories:
  • Data Entry containing items:  “Lines/Tanks”, “sheets”, “joints”, “Welders”, “Alloy Lines/Tanks” and “Delete Line/Tanks/joints”.
  • NDE Reports containing items: “VT”, “RT”, “MT”, “PT”, “UT” and “Other Report”.
  • RT Rejection containing items: “Edit RT Rejected” and “Edit Rejection Welders”.
  • Clicking Item “Lines/Tanks” within Data Cleaning menu3 , a dropdown list with all areas within the system will be displayed.
  • Choosing any Area, a grid view with all Lines/Tanks within this area will be displayed.
  • You can delete any Line/Tank or reassign it to a different Area.4
  • Clicking on “Reassign” icon within the grid view, an “Assign New Area” panel will be displayed that helps you choose a new area for the Line/Tank.
  • Select the new Area to which the Line/Tank will be assigned and Click “Save” button.5
  • Clicking on “save” icon, Line/Tank will be reassigned to the selected area and a message “Line/Tank’s Area reassigned successfully” will be displayed.
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