Test Package Acceptance

  • To be able to accept the Test Package, all the joints assigned to this Test Package should be in the “Closed” state.
  • Log in to the system, Click on the “Test Package” Link4  from the Quick Links Menu.
  • Or, From the Upper bar in Home Page, Click on “Workflow” Link 2 which will open a form containing a summarized Workflow of the system. Then, Click “Test Package” icon.
  • A “Test Package” window will be opened, with all the Test Packages within the system displayed with an “Add” button.
  • Within the grid view containing all the Test Packages within the system icons: Select2 , Edit 3, Delete4 , “View Details”2 ,“Docs”7 , “Assign”6 ,”Issue”7 , “Accept” 8and “Reject”10 .8
  • Clicking “Accept”8 icon.
  • The status of the selected Test Package changed to be “HT” 6 which means it is ready for the Hydro Test.
  • You can then click again on the “Accept” icon which is shaped as “HT”6  and you will find the status changed again to be “Re-instated” and by this state the Test Package is fully accepted.
  • You can reject the Test Package while it is in the “HT” 6state  by clicking on “Reject” icon  within the grid view.
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